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The Payday Millionaire VIDEO CONTEST (Everyone Wins)!

Dear Payday Comrades,

Rob & I invite you to create video(s) for songs of your choosing from our new album This Has Always Been Your Life.  You can download mp3s of the songs to include in your movie editing timeline through our website links here:

Videos should be sent to (using  a file share service such as yousendit if necessary) by 5pm,Tuesday, MAY 1, 2012.
File sizes and formats must be uploadable to youtube (please see youtube for restrictions).
ALL submissions will be permanently uploaded to the Payday youtube channel and fb group page.

ALL Payday Comrades will be encouraged to review the entries online and vote for their favorites via email and/or fb group page commenting.
Our tally of responses will take place over a couple days, most likely May 2 & 3, 2012 (tba).

The makers of the winning entry (as decided by YOU) will receive
•  a command Payday Millionaire performance (private or public, date, venue and guest performers to be arranged by the winner(s) and us)
•  a delicious 3 course meal (w/ wine) lovingly prepared and served by Rob & I at your home or one of ours (your choice)
•  thumbdrives from each of us loaded with formative, go-to favorite songs (in lieu of making a couple of mixed tapes)
•  a special, life-size cardboard cut-out portrait to be stationed next to us during the remainder of our live performances in 2012 (that’ll be at least a couple of glorious gigs in Vancouver to probably more than 5 or 6 people ).

AND please remember:  ALL videos enter the Payday Lexicon forever.  EVERYONE WINS!!

If you have questions or concerns please get in touch.
We can‘t wait to be a part of your movie making magic!
xo, jeremy (& rob)

New Video:


Goodbye Greed & Envy

from the new album This Has Always Been Your Life (2012)

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Please join Payday Millionaire forHELLRAISER II: ‘By ANY Means Necessary’ – A Night of Cabaret, Agitprop, Interactive Theatre, Comedy, Music, Dance and HELLRAISING in Five Acts

This is a fundraiser for the Rio Theatre in support of ALL Vancouver independent venues.
Sponsored by CITR 101.9 FM

Saturday, APRIL 14
SHOW: 8 pm – 1 am
(doors open at 7 pm)
19+ NO minors!
(the Liquor Board makes this so…sorry kids!)
(suggested $5 to a million bucks – whatever you can afford;
NO ONE will be turned away for lack of funds!)


Aunts & Uncles
Skookum Sound System (TBC)
Carnival Band
Orkestar Slivovica
Payday Millionaire
No Band
Ashley Pitre
Ehren Salazar
Redrick Sultan
Stolen Organ Family
Slag Trio
The Unrest Cure
The Institute for the Study of Advanced Musical Research
Sajia Sultana
So You Think You Can Sleep
Emma Postl
Peter Volbek
Psychic Tuberculosis
Tha Barley Boyz
Edzie Oo
Tim Page
Lunch Lady
Ridley & Harrison
Shred Eaze
Max Kala


Dance Troupe Practice
Gloria and Audrey’s Happy Hour Reunion Tour – Kat Single-Dain and Meris Goodman (Members of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret)
Danielle Lee Williams
Karen Da Silva
Sean O’Flynn-Magee
Calder Cheverie
Natalie Dinsdale
The Anarchkenist

Internet Futures
The Family Compact

Vancouver Renters Union
Lauren Gill: Occupy / Van.ACT (TBC)
Food Not Bombs
Red Gate
Harley James Rosenthall (Dubgee)

The HELLRAISER nights are a series of fundraisers to help our friends at the Rio survive LCLB Licensing Hell ( ), and also a concerted effort to grow SOLIDARITY and partnerships among the many musical, cultural, artistic, sexual and political communities in East Van.

HELLRAISER II is all about mixing live musical acts with BIG audience participation, theatre, comedy, and activism. Think Agitprop & Provocation turned WAY up to RED: Brechtian antics mixed with Theatre of the Absurd in a Political Cabaret format. This will be a Radical Revue — a smorgasbord collective gathering where Musical Performers, Street Bands, Megaphoners, Stripteasers & Actors are invited to move beyond the stage, spilling through the entrance and onto the sidewalks.

We have invited all performers to make wildly creative use of any dimension of the Rio Theatre, from the balconies to the bathrooms to the lobby and entrance, in the aisles as well as on their fabulous stage and screen. There’ll also be ad hoc antics, body painting, costumery (the audience is invited to dress up), free-roaming improv, queer-friendly kissing booths, musical numbers, sing-a-longs, and random surprises.

Now that the Rio is banned from technically screening movies, we’re turning April 14′s HELLRAISER II and the Rio itself into a Real LIVE Action Movie, with You right in the centre of everything!

Come Raise Some HELL on April 14! Don’t let East Van (or any Van) slide down that slippery red-tape slope to sucking completely because of a Killjoy Politbureacrat Dictatorship! This is OUR Community! Show up, dress up, & let’s make sure the Rio and all our cherished venues continue to thrive — without conniving interference — and by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

New Video:


We Sleep Alone

from the new album This Has Always Been Your Life (2012)

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