Archive: August, 2012

First Payday Show w/ Nat On Bass

We’re playing our first show with Nat Paine on bass guitar this coming Saturday night, September 1rst, opening for Rob’s other band The Fatalz and soul stealers The Steady at the Princeton Pub, 1901 Powell Street in Van.

We’ll start up between 9:30 and 10pm with a shorter 6-7 song set (including the first two new ones we’ve written together as a three piece) — YAY!

The show will be free if we can help it — if it not it’ll probably be around $5 at the door. Please join us!

We’re A Three Piece Outfit Now

Legendary recluse Nat Paine has stepped out of the shadows to join Payday Millionaire on bass guitar. Some say Paine hasn’t been in a band since the early 1930s, but after just 5 minutes of playing with the man, we knew he was born for this. The three of us are recording a new 2-3 song single (or 6-7 song ep maybe) this fall and hope to play for you soon.

Amazing Guitar Amp Given To Payday:

Our dear comrade Ted Tozer has donated a ’63 Sears Silvertone Twin Twelve guitar amp to the Payday cause!!

We can’t wait for the next chance to play somewhere and introduce the new sound.

Ted also made a great video for the band a couple of years ago at the Hastings racetrack, for the song Real Marginal.