Farewell & Many Thanks Payday Comrades!

We’ve recently decided to pack it in and want you all to know how much we’ve appreciated your interest in our music and activities over the past four and a half years or so. You can still catch Rob drumming around town in the great punk outfit Fatalz. I’ll continue making lo-fi free downloads of new songs and performing voice and guitar stuff until I’m dead. Nat, who’s played some great bass with us since last fall, will get to pursue his life long dream of opening a bed & breakfast somewhere in Ladner made entirely of those little carbonation devices inside tall cans of Guinness.

Rob, Nat and I MUST thank Natasha, Brittany and Tondela for putting up with Payday all of this time! Thanks also to Jessica, Pat and Trevor, three people who’ve been to more Payday shows than even Rob or myself.

We also want to thank all the bands who’ve given us a chance to play with them since we started up (particularly those lovely fellas from Half Chinese, Harrison & Enzio) and the great folks who’ve recorded us on shoestring budgets with such care and intelligence: Felix, Paul , Pietro and Lee. Thanks also to Steven for all the great mastering jobs he’s done for us. Speaking of recording, the tracks with Nat on bass that we’ve been talking about since Christmas really do exist! It’ll be a great posthumous release entitled NO CAREER that should be out soon – another brilliant turn from sonic wizard Pietro! When we have it available for downloading I’ll post one last time here to let you know.

Thanks again for the great times and for listening Comrades!

jeremy (and rob and nat)