People We’ve Worked With:

Zuzia Juszkiewicz (designed the current website, 2012)

Lee Hutzulak (recorded and mastered This Has Always Been Your Life, 2012)

Pietro Sammarco (recorded and mixed For Free, 2011)

Simon Hatton (designed the album/cd sleeve art for For Free, 2011)

Steven Hubert (mastered The Chaumont 3-Sided Single and For Free, 2010-11)

Christian Chaumont (recorded and mixed The Chaumont 3-Sided Single, 2010)

Paul Narciso (recorded and mixed songs on cheque-to-cheque, 2009)

Felix Fung (recorded and mixed songs on cheque-to-cheque, 2009)

Christy Nyiri (designed the Payday Millionaire monogram, the original website and the album/cd sleeve art for cheque-to-cheque, 2009)


People We’ve Played With:

Aunts & Uncles

The Bedrooms Of The Nation


Bravo Juliet

Call The City

Calvin Don’t Jump

China Syndrome

Chris-a-riffic/Bible Belts

Collapsing Opposites

Dear Suzy

Dixie’s Death Pool

Dow Jones & The Market Shares

The Emanglons

The Enemy Feathers

The Fiends


The Furies

The Furniture

Greenbelt Collective

Half Chinese

Kick Evrything

Kidnap Kids


The Lee Majors

Markus Naslund

The New Black

Nick Fletcher & The Ballet Academy

The Nihilist Party

The Rain & The Sidewalk

Rat Silo

Red Hot Icicles Burning On Fire

Sajia Sultana

So You Think You Can Sleep

The Sylvian Fissures

Thee Ahs

Tom Girl

Witch Water


Organizations We’ve Been Involved With:

Canadian Red Cross Japan Relief

The Helen Pitt Gallery Artist-Run Centre

LIVE Biennale Of Performance Art

Safe Amplification Site Society

Ride To Conquer Cancer