POSTPONED due to last minute work stuff (how ironic) – new date to be announced soon – THANK YOU KRANKY CAFE!

We’re recording a 2-set live performance and invite you and your friends to be in the audience.

Hopefully it’ll turn out OK and we can include it in the Payday Millionaire free downloads catalogue.  Don’t miss this chance to be immortalized while calling us awful names between our songs (or perhaps buying us beers?).  We’ll try to capture at least seven new tracks and many of the oldies we’ve reworked with Nat on bass.

PLUS a Kranky Café Music Night is ALWAYS worth the effort!  Food, beer & wine will be available!

7-9pm ONLY, Friday, May 17, 2013

KRANKY CAFÉ,  228 E. 4th Ave., Vancouver

Absolutely FREE!